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Horoscope of Dwayne - the Rock - Johnson


sample astrology natal chart report of Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)

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Dwayne - the Rock - Johnson Horoscope


Sample Extract From Advanced Natal Report Text

Astrology Report Based on Dwayne Johnson's birth!

Dob: 2nd May 1972 at 6:-02 PM in San Leandro, Ca, USA

This sample text begins with the planets in his chart. Each planet is introduced with a basic description of that planet followed by its specific aspects in his chart. Here are excerpts taken from some of the Astro*Talk chapters:

Planet Aspects

The Lights: The Sun and Moon
At the time of our birth, the planets (through their configurations and relationships) tell us something about how things were when we were born. Each planet points to special qualities within us. Yet, of all the planets, the two most important planets to astrologers are the "lights," the Sun and the Moon. From where we stand here on Earth, the great shining Sun by day and the reflecting Moon at night are our constant companions. They have much to tell us as to where we have been and where we are headed.

The Sun: Your Self and Future
From the Sun comes light, that which draws us into life. The Sun represents all the changes we have not yet taken, that part of us that we have not yet experienced but are headed toward. The Sun represents our identity, or self, in that it is toward these that we are moving and developing. Thus, it also represents that which we will become: older people, authorities -- those we look toward, or up to. Our essence, or future. Teachers, gurus, and older (more experienced) people are represented by the Sun. The Sun is "hot stuff" -- those further up the road of life experience.

Tarus glyph

Sun in Taurus
Here is great patience, able to respond to the world and to build upon what is already there and happening. You are willing to listen to others, take cues, and then reflect and build upon that information. Others find you gentle, steady, and, for the most part, kind. You take things in and provide an environment to bring them forth. You make "fertile" your field. A ready ear.

Moon Conjunction Jupiter
The public loves you, and it may be hard for you to avoid working with and for others. The way for you involves working with people. Everyone sees you as genuine and giving and tends to trust you on sight. Your ability to counsel others is excellent, and you are always sought out for advice. A born leader, others find it easy to take instructions from you and tend to follow your example. You enjoy helping others solve their problems.

Mercury in Aries
You have a sharp tongue and a quick wit. You speak first, then think about it. Not subtle or complex, you are direct, simple, and to the point. An independent thinker, you would rather speak than listen. Argumentative too. You are quite impulsive when it comes to communicating, and often use strong words.


Mars Trine Ascendant
You come on very strong. You have great confidence and a "take charge" sort of manner. You are a great doer, and others accept your commanding nature. You are a good team player.

Uranus glyph

Uranus Conjunction Ascendant
Very independent in appearance and communication -- the way you come across to others. Your spontaneity and unpredictability make you interesting to any group.

Venus Square Pluto
You may not appreciate displays of emotion or psychological analyzing and probing. This could become kind of a thing with you, trying to avoid sensitive issues that keep coming up all around you. You are fascinated by this stuff, not to mention gossip.

Mars: Drive and Emotions
Mars is the planet of emotion and inner motivation or drive. When we search for the meaning of something, life or whatever, it is Mars that urges us on, keeps us searching. Mars also drives us against things, too and sends us into war and combat. The urgency of Mars, the search for meaning, is identical to the need for union, yoga, and marriage. Mars is the planet of union, and marriage is the most common form of yoga. When we have questions about the opposite sex, we are looking at the planet Mars.

Mars Square Pluto
Your ambition and drive is often at the expense of your inner self and sensitivities. You may find yourself ignoring signals that indicate a need for change, transformation, and vulnerability in general. Bursts of intense anger are possible.


Your Personal Background
A fairly easy childhood up until around the 11-12th year, at which time you will begin to become more subjective and inner-directed. This could mean that your adolescence is somewhat more lonely and less socially oriented than the average. This inner time of exploration lasts until you are about 18-19 years of age. At that time, you will proceed to take hold, discover yourself, and become more outward -- in a rather short time. Your sense of confidence will take hold and build, and the years of introspection will pay off as you begin to reach out. The years from 18 through 25 or 26 will be ones of hard work and continued gains in self-confidence. From the 26th year, your real climb to fame and fortune will commence.
Your 30s and 40s will be very good and successful years.

Your Current Situation
Now for a close-up of recent years: while landscape was quite general, the dates given in this close-up should be much more precise. Life is composed of sections of time, each devoted to one kind of activity or another. We go along for a while in one direction until something changes within (or outside) us and we head off in a new course. Some of our earlier activities dry up and new ones spring up in their place. What follows is an analysis of the time period in which you find yourself now. Don't look here for a day-to-day account of life but rather to get a picture of this stretch of time, "these years."

Major Transits Happening Now

Astrologers use the term "transits" to mean the positions of the major planets that are overhead (in the sky) right now and their relationship to our birth chart.
Transits are very important indicators of the current situation in which we find ourselves. They can provide insight into what we are now going through. Here are the dates when the next major transits for the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are exact in your chart. Some dates will have already passed and some are still to come.
Remember, with these large planets transits don't just happen on the day when they are exact. They cover a wide span of days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, depending on which planet is involved. In general, transits of Jupiter take from several days to a week or two to complete, while those of Saturn take from two weeks to a month to play themselves out. With the outer planets, the period of activity is even longer: transits of Uranus take about two months, Neptune three or four months, and Pluto takes about a year. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move so slowly that the complete transit experience may take a year or two to complete itself. So be prepared to work with these situations:

Jan 27, 2018 1st Pass D> (Age 45 8m)
Apr 18, 2018 2nd Pass R< (Age 45 11m)
Growth and success could be tied to your possessions or to the way you possess
and respond to the various ideas and impulses operating in your life now.
You could benefit through material support and possessions.

Jupiter in Second House

Aug 01, 2017 2nd Pass R< (Age 45 2m)
Sep 17, 2017 3rd Pass D> (Age 45 4m)
A time when ideas, thoughts, and communication of all kinds will assume increased importance. You may find that you dispense with small talk and concentrate on the basic realities.
You may be less able to communicate on the superficial levels.

Saturn in Third House

Jun 23, 2017 2nd Pass R< (Age 45 1m)
Oct 23, 2017 3rd Pass D> (Age 45 5m)
Emotional challenge, probably offered from someone close to you, may mark this time period. Circumstances may press you and tend to bring out the rebel in you. You could feel frustrated and thwarted by events. Self-control is in order.

Saturn Opposition Mars

Jun 02, 2017 2nd Pass R< (Age 45 1m)
Nov 08, 2017 3rd Pass D> (Age 45 6m)
Could be a damper on your ability to enjoy or appreciate yourself and your life during this time. You may disagree with or even find yourself at odds with the value system of someone close to you. Financial and aesthetic matters could be under siege.

Saturn Opposition Venus

Dec 17, 2017 3rd Pass D> (Age 45 7m)
Not an easy time unless you like walking on eggs. Outer events could manage to challenge you at every turn by bringing up very sensitive issues, one after another. You may have to move ever so gently and with patience to avoid explosions and anger.

Saturn Square Pluto

Jan 09, 2018 1st Pass D> (Age 45 8m)
A time for deep probing, during which you may be forced to witness and work through some of your more inward and emotional issues -- getting to know yourself psychologically. This could result in a serious relationship, perhaps even marriage.

Saturn Conjunction Moon

Mar 16, 2018 1st Pass D> (Age 45 10m)
May 21, 2018 2nd Pass R< (Age 46 0m)
Here is an opportunity to bring some discipline and determination to the way you are going, your life's path or your career. Now you can be selective and practical when it comes to your direction. A good time to start a business with a firm foundation.

Saturn Conjunction Jupiter

Jul 14, 2018 1st Pass D> (Age 46 2m)
You could receive unexpected help or support from those around you especially someone younger or a woman. A time when you may get insights into your living situation or support system. New ideas about your past history, new approaches to established facts.

Uranus Trine Moon

Sep 10, 2017 2nd Pass R< (Age 45 4m)
Jan 28, 2018 3rd Pass D> (Age 45 8m)
You find that you are able to bring more imagination to bear on your goals and ambitions now. You might find your ideals taking a more spiritual turn, thus involving you more
in community and religious projects.

Neptune Sextile Sun



The Elements, Modalities and Angularity
Elements, modalities, and house quadrants. These are all techniques used by astrologers to gain a general picture of how a person measures up. How do your planets and houses total up? Which do you have in abundance, and which do you lack, if any? Those with high totals show what we can or must do in life. These are qualities we have. However, most people are more interested by what they lack or want -- their lowest totals. They tend to study their "wants," imitate, and even pretend to have them. The old adage is: we become what we want (or lack), while we do what we can (or have to do).

Here are your totals:
You're concerned with preserving the status quo and are stable and methodical in your ways of going on. You resist change and may have trouble getting started, but once on the move are indomitable. You mistrust that which is new or untried.
Have Earth
There is an emphasis on communication, expression of ideas, and the connections between things, places, and people. What goes on in your mind is the all-important motivation in your life. You tend towards mental pursuits and admire intelligence.
Have Air
You may have trouble understanding those who seem emotional or sentimental, yet your own practicality and factuality may attract just such types into your life. You may try to balance your lack of intuitiveness with logic and common sense.
Want Water
Very communicative, flexible, mental, and other-oriented. Perhaps you can be all things to all people, giving them what they require. Probably a smooth talker with a quick wit and ready tongue.
Have Mutable

Please remember this is only an extract, a complete report can be up to about 40 pages

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