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Reliable & efficient one-to-one & small group language tuition, as well as world-wide online tuition.
Also a translation service, teacher training, study help.

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Japanese language tuition for you

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Classical Japanese tuition in Woking, Surrey, UK or 100% interactive face-to-face Japanese online tuition
nationwide in the UK and world-wide.

Start your Japanese language tuition with a native Japanese tutor now.

What might be reasons to learn Japanese?

  • revise for a Japanese school or university exam
  • understand the Japanese culture and way of life
  • be able to access and read Japanese literature, not very often are Japanese books translated into English
  • read manga and anime
  • read Japanese newspapers and Japanese magazines
  • be capable to converse with your partner's family
  • enjoy Japanese entertainment and media through watching Japanese television
  • listen to and understand Japanese music and its pop culture
  • for travelling purposes: Japan has a beautiful scenary and many sights on the north and the south islands, the world's most largest and most densely populated cities like Tokyo and others
  • get by on your travels through Japan. Not every Japanese person speaks English and for being able to ask for directions and to read road signs, knowing Japanese is essential.
  • for business and economical purposes: Japan has the world's highest technology and it is a major trading partner with main countries like the US.
  • The Japanese language is such a unique language. Japanese is so very much different to the English language, with the writing characters, the sentence structure and the lack of real grammar even. All of this will make your learning experience and subsequent Japanese language knowledge quite unique.
  • Your Japanese knowledge will make you stand out in today's business world thus subsequently improve your career possibilities and learning Japanese is a real way to broaden
    your horizon in life, too.

Where is Japanese spoken in the world?

  • Japanese is spoken by more than 160 million people.
  • Mostly on all the islands of Japan, and also in some small communities in Brazil, Hawaii, Taiwan, USA and South Korea.

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    The possibilities are endless. Don't miss out, start today.

    Contact us with your personal Japanese tuition requirements now,
    get a quote here.

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