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Body mind soul coaching for
spiritual and holistic living.


Holistic - psychological and spiritual self-help through psychic angels astrology readings and counselling. Inspiration for your body, mind and soul. Guidance Services

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Find personal growth, life purpose, body, mind, spirit/soul wellbeing, inspiration, happiness and health.
+ Here to assist you through any situation in your life +
- caring - insightful - confidential
- world-wide by phone, online or by email.
Get inspired !


I am Eva,
your Holistic Coach & Spiritual Advisor.

I am an internationally known Psychic Card and Angel Reader, Metaphysical Life Coach, Talk Therapist, Astrologer and Psychologist (psychotherapy & holistic - spiritual counselling with EFT therapy and published Author.

But foremost I am a Lightworker, helping people world-wide through difficult times, answering their questions, explaining past, present and future events, helping them to improve their lives and wellbeing and much more.


Hello & Welcome

By finding this site you will have been guided to find assistance for your current situation or to get answers to your questions.

Help and answers are available. Let me assist you.

Why waste any time trying to overcome any difficult times on your own?
The answers of the Universe & and your empowered self await you now.

***All readings and services are totally confidential, caring,
insightful, friendly and solution orientated.

***Provided to you very flexibly every day of the year.

***All readings are offered world-wide by phone, Skype/Vsee or email (MP3).

Enjoy this site, it's packed with lots of information for you.
- However should you prefer just to place a booking, click Shop -

+++ Receiving a psychic reading or some form of counselling, is as easy as saying 1-2-3 !
1- Book a time package in the shop. 2- Arrange your reading/coaching time.
3- Done = Enjoy your session +++

Listen here to a message
from Eva.

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Read on for full details, a video, & my book.
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Front cover of the published book by Eva M April aka TimeForTalking: Messages from the Spiritual Realms. Recurring life events and more explained by the angels.

Make sure to check out:

Eva's published book: Messages from the Spiritual Realms
Spiritual messages for your life
~ Recurring life events and more explained by the angels
. ~

Our gift to you: How to find your soulmate and have a happy relationship? In our video we reveal the top 4 hidden secrets for finding your soulmate and being happy together.
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Caring, insightful, helpful and competent psychic readings with cards, angels, astrology, spiritual knowledge.
Here to assist YOU.
  • You seek answers to questions?
  • You like to know the reasons behind the challenges you face?
  • You need some guidance (spiritual, concerning mind, body, spirit, soul or psychological)?
  • You have a situation in life you like to change?
  • Looking for a pain-free and time efficient healing method (EFT)?
  • You need help with a situation in your life?
  • You like to receive an insight into your future?
  • You like to hear from (your) angels?
  • You are looking for inspiration, help, spiritual insights, personal development, wellbeing and understanding?
  • You are interested in one or all of: spirituality, angels, card readings, astrology, numerology, crystals, chakra, EFT, karma, past lives, holistic living, body mind spirit soul coaching, laws of the Universe, psychology, becoming a psychic reader or card reader yourself, and more?
  • Here at TimeForTalking I can help you with all of the listed on the left and much more.
  • Basically whatever situation you are in and whatever help you require or whatever question you have, I can help you. May it be with the tool or aid of a psychic reading, with cards, angels, astrology, or counselling, spiritual - holistic counselling, psychological help through life coaching, counseling with EFT therapy, or even with one or our written services: astrology reports, horoscopes, numerological interpretations, crystal and chakra guides, some angelic literature or our beautiful lenormand card decks.
  • Here you have found now the solution to your situation/question/issue
    and I am happy and qualified to help you.
  • I look forward to assisting you soon
    Eva aka TimeForTalking

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Looking for a short version of our services' webpage, visit one of the following links:

Psychic readers UK - Self improvement coaching - Karma readings - Live phone psychics online - Psychics' readings Ireland UK USA Canada -
Self-improvement coaching (soul plan, life purpose etc.) - Psychotherapy counselling UK Ireland - Mind coaching and holistic counselling -

Our 2nd gift to you: Access to our proven formula to true happiness: How to be happy in an instant. It includes a free angel message for you, too as well as an additional surprise gift.
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We offer the following services and products:

* Psychic Readings

(individually centred, solution orientated & compassionate,
answers to your questions)

* Card Readings

(competent, helpful, accurate, insights about past, present & future)

* Angel Readings

(angels are always trying to get through to you & they have special messages for you)

* Party Bookings/Referrals

(host your own Mystic Party & receive a psychic reading for FREE; or make
a bulk referral & receive a psychic reading for FREE.)

* Numerology Interpretations

(find out your or your child's true personality, purpose, gifts in life, with a interpretation of the personality
- life path - wisdom number)


* Metaphysical Life Coaching and Spiritual Counselling
(Holistic - Body - Mind - Spirit - Soul - Talk Therapy with EFT)

(Get empowered and inspired with Eva's spiritual and holistic coaching.
+ Here to assist you through any situation in your life.+
It can enable you to live a happy life again, let Eva show you the way to your wellbeing.)

* Psychological Counselling with EFT (Talk Therapy) & Life Coaching &
Self-Improvement Coaching (on soul plan, life purpose etc.)

(Get talking to us - it really works.
Why waste even more time trying to overcome any difficult times
on your own? + Let us assist you +

*Astrology Readings

(Answering your personal questions on all areas like for example: *child astrology, *work/career astrology, *karma/past life astrology as well as*love/relationship astrology,
all in one-to-one readings or email readings.)

*Astrological Analyses- Horoscopes

All make great presents for anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, Xmas...

With a unique analysis of your natal chart & synastry chart for example, you can:
*find out your or your child's true potential in life*
*check your compatibility with partners, friends, family, children, siblings*
*know your child's abilities, traits & strong points right from the start,*
so you can focus on certain areas for the best education and much more

Unique astrological interpretations of your transit chart or progression chart show:
*how the current planetary constellations influence your birth chart,
therefore showing your current situation due to planetary influences.

*how the planets of your birth chart have changed over time,
therefore showing how you have developed over time.

* Eva's very own Book

(Messages from the
Spiritual Realms
~ Recurring Life Events and more explained by the Angels ~
Available in paperback or in an eBook edition)

* Eva's very own decks of Lenormand Cards

(These decks of Lenormand cards
have been created by Eva & are absolutely unique.)

* Eva's Seminars & Workshops

Benefit from Eva's very own experience & learn how to become a psychic reader yourself, using cards, angels, astrology etc..

* Crystal & Chakra Guides

How to use crystals - gemstones
crystal guides:
*how to purify crystals,
*how to use chakra stones.

* New Age - Esoteric Blog
Metaphysical Blog with a huge archive on spiritual topics.

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Find holistic health, personal growth, life purpose, inspiration, happiness, karmic healing and wellbeing. + Let me show you +
caring, helpful, confidential - world-wide by phone, Skype, email, MP3 audio file.


Looking for a short version of our services' webpage, visit one of the following links:

Psychic readers UK - Self improvement coaching - Karma readings - Live phone psychics online - Psychics' readings Ireland UK USA Canada -
Self-improvement coaching (soul plan, life purpose etc.) - Psychotherapy counselling UK Ireland - Mind coaching and holistic counselling -

  • In a Psychic Reading and Holistic Counselling, I will provide you with the answers to your questions.
    I receive the answers through the cards, the angelic realms,
    as well as through my intuition and claircognizance.
    This means that I will be guided to tell you exactly what is important to you and your questions and your situation
    - receiving my messages through my thoughts (= claircognizance).
    Thus you can be sure that the things I point out, are 100%
    relevant to you and inspired from above.
  • The main card deck I use are the Lenormand cards. But I also follow my intuition in using my other divination tools like: other card decks (Oracle cards, Angel of Light cards, Archangel cards, Kipper cards, Gypsy Fortune Telling cards, Triangle of Life cards, water crystal cards), also the pendulum.
  • If interested I can also have a look at the astrological charts of people involved, to give you an even deeper understanding for your question/person you ask about.

  • My knowledge and experience of varies holistic fields of knowledge always comes through as well. It is kind of intertwined in my readings at all times.
    These holistic areas are for example:
    Angels, Karma, Universal Laws, Astrology, Reincarnation, Chakra & Crystal work, Water Crystals, spiritual living, Psychology, body mind spirit soul, EFT (emotional freedom technique / tapping therapy).
  • Because of all of the above, my answers are always complex, insightful and often touching rather deep levels of the client's being.
    In a reading with me you will never just receive a 'yes' / 'no' answer,
    with which you and your situation aren't helped.
  • General pointer on conducting readings without seeing the client:

You might wonder (though it's more and more known nowadays) how I can provide a psychic reading or service for you without meeting you?

The answer is:
'Without any problem at all & much more accurately.'
It is a known fact that psychic readings by phone/skype
are much more accurate than face-to-face readings.

As during a reading where I don't see the client, I do not have any distractions and can therefore focus on my psychic gifts much more accurately. This means that I am not receiving any 'human impressions' of the person's expressions, gestures, outfit, body language etc.

Thus such reading will be better for clients
due to the answers being the real answers to their question/s.

So only advantages for a reading:
more accurate, more convenient, cheaper

(as there is never any travelling involved and so
you are supporting Mother Earth as well .)


  • Readings by phone: I might even call you. This is possible for me in many countries.
  • Readings via Skype: mean no phone charges for you and sound quality is usually crystal clear. Plus you can easily record the reading yourself with the free audacity software (or with another recording software), for you to keep it as an audio/MP3 file.
  • Readings by email: for a psychic reading this will be the recording of my voice emailed as an audio file (MP3).
Spiritual guidance through psychic readings using card readings, angels, astrology, psychic knowledge:
- caring, professional, solution orientated - world-wide by phone, Skype, email, MP3 audio file.

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What is special about TimeForTalking - Guidance Services -?

*We offer individually centred, caring, confidential guidance services.
By using a holistic & cosmic approach to life, we can assist our clients in a tailor-made unique way. Everyone is welcome and every situation will be taken seriously.
*At the same time we are proud to be one of the most reliable and efficient working company for those services around.
*Being an international online company with virtual offices in each country
(& offering our services world-wide), working with emails 24/7,
we are always here for you, wherever you are and whenever this may be.
*This means that appointments for readings & services can be booked & arranged everyday of the year, 7 days/week, but also take place daily, i.e. also on weekends, bank holidays; during daytime as well as evenings. Without any additional charges for an out-of hours' appointment.
Now that's unique!

*All our services are totally confidential,
offered to you in a caring, professional, solution orientated way.
*Readings and services can be booked, arranged as well as take place
every day of the year, 24/7, i.e. during daytime as well as evening times,
Mondays to Sundays, and also on bank holidays.
*Without any additional charges for an out-of hours' appointment.
*Clients always value how flexible Eva is, when it comes to getting an appointment.
*Emails are read and responded to also daily, every day of the year.

*TimeForTalking is absolutely unique indeed.

Read our blog on guidance services, personally written by Eva.

To make a booking please always go to our shop.

Spread the light, by liking our Facebook page.

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TimeForTalking - Guidance Services -
Providing a complex variety of guidance services through
the knowledge of
psychic card readings with lenormand cards, kipper cards, gypsy fortune telling cards, angel oracle cards, angel of light cards,
pendulum and astrology. As well as the experience of varies fields of knowledge including:
psychic readings using cards, angels, astrology, angelic realm in general, numerology, astrology,
crystals, chakra work, water crystals, psychology, EFT, tapping therapy,
Universal laws, karma, past life astrology, reincarnation, and much more.

Providing the following services:
psychic readings; angel readings, card readings, astrology readings, pendulum work,
astrology reports, horoscopes, karma readings, numerological reports;
psychological & spiritual /metaphysical counselling, psychotherapy with EFT, talk therapy & coaching;
crystal & chakra guides, gift vouchers and free information.
As well as Eva's angel books and her very own lenormand oracle card decks.
Eva also shares her vast knowledge and experience by teaching you
how to become a psychic reader yourself, using cards, angels, astrology.

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Still not convinced?
Here are the main points explaining what makes our services so unique:

***psychic / life coaching readings daily = Mondays to Sundays, also on public bank holidays
***psychic / life coaching readings worldwide = no matter where you are, readings are provided by phone, via Skype or email
***no waiting lists = readings are provided by appointments, but with Eva's really flexible times,
you will never have to wait for your actual reading time long.
Appointments are mostly on the same day and if not, the next day is usually possible.
***reduced prices for first-time buyers = to get to know our extreme high quality service,
as a first-time buyer you are entitled to try our services at a reduced rate.
***no additional charges for appointments outside of usual working hours = although you can have your psychic reading
daily and at any time, we are not charging you any additional fee when your psychic reading's appointment
is chosen for evening times or on a weekend or even bank holiday.
***always a 2 for 1 service = you always only pay your booked time package for the actual psychic reading.
Eva's preparation times are not charged and so free for you!
***when astrology is incorporated in readings = you even get a 3 for 1 service!
***in holistic counselling = you even get a 4 for 1 service!
***no phone costs for you = Eva can call you in most countries, if this isn't possible for her,
you can choose between convenient numbers or the reading is provided to you via Skype, which is always free of charge.
***all readings / services are = confidential, friendly, caring, inspiring, insightful, honest, professional
***excellent & unique pre- and after- sales' support = many psychic readers / life coaches will take your money,
but in a non-spiritual way, only care about this and after a rather short reading, will leave you with your 'situation' alone, so to speak.
***With us this is different - even before your reading, Eva's personal attention to your booking is already caring and inspiring.
- Then the reading is a uplifting and empowering experience on its own.
- But even after your reading, Eva will contact you again about your reading.
- If you are interested you can get updated with our bi-monthly news, that include free inspiration, a free card reading school,
a free astrology and moon school as well as exclusive offers. But even your birthday won't be forgotten
as well as Eva remembering to keep in touch in a very caring way.
***'real' life guidance and advice = all our readings are full of real, practical guidance for you and your specific life and situation,
including practical exercises for your daily life. With this really making an everlasting impact onto you and your life.
***customer-friendly loyalty bonus program = to give you even a little bit more, once again,
our loyalty bonus program
ensures that your purchase with us is always used well for free gifts and readings alike.
***even offering free psychic readings = when booking a psychic card reading party bookings (Mystic Party)
or simply referring your friends to our services, you are entitled to a free psychic karma and past life reading yourself.


*Although psychic readings can be helpful and informative, no guarantees can be given to their accuracy.
Hence by law we have to state that readings are delivered on an entertainment basis.
So: For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purpose of entertainment only.

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