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Spiritual talk therapy sessions
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Holistic - psychological and spiritual self-help through psychic angels astrology readings and counselling. Inspiration for your body, mind and soul. TimeForTalking.com Guidance Services


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Life is often challenging and a helping and inspiring hand by your side is really beneficial.
I can offer you this as your spiritual mentor and holistic life coach.

No matter
- whether you have a pressing life situation that you like to change,
or whether
- you have questions about your life,
or whether
- you have queries about your past lives or anything else.

I can offer you spiritual support, answers, insights, inspiration, help, healing, guidance
and a path to your own happiness.

- Extensive support 24/7.
- Phone/Online/Email/Video contact.
- Direct help whenever you need it.

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www.mentoring.timefortalking.com = 24/7 mentoring for you & your soul

www.timefortalking = soul coaching, initial entry page

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Our talk therapy features:
- direct one-to-one access to Eva aka TimeForTalking
through phone/Skype/Vsee sessions
- direct one-to-one access to Eva aka TimeForTalking
through email sessions
- video material
- audio recordings

Clients describe our spiritual talk therapy as:

- very inspiring
- really helpful
- straight to the point
- always available for me, that is fantastic
- you gave me the support and the guidance, I needed
- my questions were always answered &
I received step-by-step instructions to achieve any change
- always completely tailor-made to my life and situation, never anything general
- it's was always only about 'me' that was amazing, no group or webinar ever gave me that
- definitely inspired from 'above'
- I can fully recommend you to everyone

What makes our programs so unique


We use EFT (emotional freedom technique) better known as tapping, but in our talk therapy which is spiritual psychotherapy we also utilize the wisdom of evolutionary astrology, psychic knowledge through cards, angels, claircognizance and more.

You can benefit from all of this as well.
- Specific to you and your situation.
- Right by your side, whenever you need it.
- It's always only about your and your life.
- Changing your life for the better.
- Healing past traumata and hurt.
- Assisting you through your present.
- Guiding you to your future, making changes as you see fit.


There are numerous ripple effects for the results of attending our spiritual mentoring:

The benefits you would receive are multi-layered. They kind of have a ripple effect, as they grow wider and wider.

Initially there will be primary results, which you would see as direct answers to you questions on your life path.
+ Explaining past, present and future helps immensely.+

Then there will be physical results, like your improved health, as you know which healing path can and will work, and which doesn't.
+ Well-being of your body, mind and spirit. +

Then there will be results effecting your relationships.
With you finding suitable and lasting partners, and with current ones knowing exactly what obstacles need to be overcome and dealt with.

The results for your finances would be:
improved finances, you doing enjoyable work and start a matching career, helping you to enjoy your work and subsequently never 'working' every again.

Any obstacle you experience will be addressed and
with taught self-help steps overcome.
The results for your unique life would be:
+ overcoming and healing of challenges and obstacles you face. +

Then there will be spiritual results,
which will be major insights, you feeling empowered, experiencing a feeling of 'being home', + experiencing bliss and true happiness. +

Contact me, to see how I can help you.





Our unique spiritual mentoring, for you to get empowered on your path
  • Extensive and direct access
  • Invaluable insights
  • Life-changing healing
  • Insightful details about your soul & path
  • You can be much more committed to this walk with your Soul, by choosing us.
  • Have your very own in-house coach & mentor living with you - virtually - and this almost 24/7.
  • Happiness, success, contentment, love and pure bliss
    awaits you.
  • I look forward to assisting you soon
    Eva aka TimeForTalking

Interested in our 24/7 holistic mentoring for your life,
then contact us via the chat box in the right bottom of this page.

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No matter how painful your past has been,
you can always start afresh.
Insights from above, photo of light shining through trees in a wooded area.
Always remember: any situation can always be improved.
We can help and support you all the way through.
Make the first step and contact us today,
via the chat box in the right bottom of this page.


" I am so pleased to have found Eva 's services via the internet, she is a gifted counsellor and psychic who works with intelligence, intuition and empathy, and provides real insight for her clients as well as strategies to people who need guidance in challenging situations . She has not only given me real hope but also a sense of direction and is the first psychic to have been able to put my mind at rest and to allow me to let go of my frustations and anxieties and put me on the right path."
" Eva has been counselling me for the last 13 months. I suffered from depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. She helped me to overcome most of my problems by suggesting specific relevant coping techniques, talking with me about my past and resolving subconscious issues. As I am tending to be stressed quite often and I now know how to relax and destress myself. And generally how to make myself feel more happy in my every day life.
I would like to recommend Eva as a very kind, considerate and professional psychologist whose counselling skills are extremely effective and helpful. "(from a counselling client after classical/psychological talk therapy)

" I really appreciate your patience during my EFT video sessions. Thank you for always fine tuning the needed therapy according to my individual needs and experience. You have helped me so much and the holistic counselling with EFT has changed my life to the better. "

" Eva is a truly gifted individual who sees the situation right away and gives you the proper advise without taking your free will away in the process. "


Eva can help you too.

You can awake your true self and your hidden talents.

Awareness is the first step for any healing or change.

** Your life will not improve by chance, but always only through your active change.**
Embrace your true and wonderful soul and apply the knowledge of your soul's intentions to your daily life.

Eva can show you how.



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Read, personal background & testimonials from clients.


What is special about Eva aka TimeForTalking - Guidance Services -?


  • Eva aka TimeForTalking is an expert as a spiritual mentor and holistic talk therapist, with the aid of evolutionary astrology, card readings & psychic knowledge and spiritual claircognizance.

  • But foremost she is a light worker, helping people world-wide
    through difficult times, answering their questions,
    explaining past, present and future events,
    empowering and inspiring them and their lives
    and much more.


Our Mission Statement

  • To provide an expert holistic guidance inspiration to our customers.
    Focusing on the individual at all times and applying experiences of a
    variety of fields of knowledge.
    Hence all our work is done and provided with very much a broadened
    horizon. Anyone using our services will benefit from this.

  • Furthermore we are here for you 7 days/week, i.e. also during
    weekends & bank holidays; during daytime as well as evenings; and
    this 365 days/year! We know from the holistic coaching and advice
    industry that this is absolutely unique.

  • All our services are totally confidential.
  • Thank you for trusting in us.



Not entirely sure whether our holistic life coaching would be right and beneficial for you?
Then also contact Eva, via the chat box in the right bottom of this page, so that she can explain to you personally
how she can help you in your specific situation or with your specific questions,
and how this will change your life to the better, too.



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