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Spiritual guidance through psychic readings using card readings, angels, astrology, psychic knowledge:
- caring, professional, solution orientated - world-wide by phone or Skype / Vsee.


Your psychic reader and counsellor
here is Eva.

An internationally known Psychic Card & Angel Reader, Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, Astrologer and Psychologist (classical & spiritual counselling with EFT healing)
and a published Author.

But not to forget mainly a Lightworker, helping people world-wide through difficult times, answering their questions, explaining past, present and future events.


Hello & Welcome

Help and answers are available. Let me assist you.

Why waste any time trying to overcome any difficult times ?
The answers of the Universe await you now.

***All our readings are totally confidential, caring,
friendly and solution orientated
***Provided to you very flexibly every day of the year.

***All my readings are offered world-wide by phone or Skype.

  • In a Psychic Reading I will provide you with the answers to your questions.
    I receive the answers through the cards, the angelic realms, as well as through my intuition and claircognizance.
    This means that I will be guided to tell you exactly what is important to you and your questions and your situation
    - receiving my messages through my thoughts (= claircognizance). Thus you can be sure that the things I point out, are 100%
    relevant to you and inspired from above.
  • The main card deck I use are the Lenormand cards. But I also follow my intuition in using my other divination tools like:
    other card decks (Oracle cards, Angel of Light cards, Archangel cards, Kipper cards, Gypsy Fortune Telling cards, Triangle of Life cards, water crystal cards, also the pendulum.
  • If interested I can also have a look at the astrological charts of people involved, to give you an even deeper understanding for your question/person you ask about.

  • My knowledge and experience of varies holistic fields of knowledge always comes through as well.
    It is kind of intertwined in my readings at all times.
    These holistic areas are for example:
    Angels, Karma, Universal Laws, Astrology, Reincarnation, Chakra & Crystal work, Water Crystals, spiritual living, Psychology (classical & spiritual).
  • Because of all of the above, my answers are always complex, insightful and often touching rather deep levels of the client's being. In a reading with me you will never just receive a 'yes' / 'no' answer, with which you and your situation aren't helped.

General pointer on conducting readings without seeing the client:

You might wonder (though it's more and more known nowadays) how I can provide a psychic reading for you without meeting you?

The answer is: 'Without any problem at all
& much more accurately.'
It is a known fact that psychic readings by phone/skype are much more accurate than face-to-face readings.
As during a reading where I don't see the client, I do not have any distractions and can therefore focus on my psychic gifts much more accurately. This means that I am not receiving any 'human impressions' of the person's expressions, gestures, outfit, body language etc.

Thus such reading will be better for clients due to the answers being the real answers to their question/s.

So only advantages for a reading:
more accurate, more convenient, cheaper

(as never any travelling involved.)


  • Readings by phone: I might even call you. This is possible for me in many countries.
  • Readings via Skype/Vsee mean no phone charges for you and sound quality is usually crystal clear and you can also record the reading yourself for you to keep it as an audio/MP3 file.

No matter what you are trying to achieve... Always remember ... Even the most difficult or long journey, always only starts with a very first step. Take this step today, contact us and improve your life. Photo with footsteps in the sand.

Take this first step now and contact us today or book a time package for your private session straight away.


Caring, insightful, helpful and competent psychic readings with cards, angels, astrology, spiritual knowledge. Here to assist YOU.


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*Although psychic readings can be helpful and informative,
no guarantees can be given to their accuracy.
Hence by law we have to state that readings are delivered on an entertainment basis.
So: For legal purposes it is understood that all readings are for the purpose of entertainment only.


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