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Home study course
for lenormand card readings


Here we present to you, Eva's unique metaphysical seminars, workshops and courses.
It's all about: How to become a professional psychic reader.

Eva has vast experience and knowledge in the psychic reading industry
and is now sharing her knowledge with you as well with these training options.

We offer our absolute flexible and unique home study course (video seminar) (like on this page),
group seminars but also one-to-one tuition .

+ + Absolutely Unique + + Absolutely Unique + +

Flexible home study course
(further down you'll also see a video)

Learn how to become a spiritual advisor providing professional psychic readings
with lenormand cards and dowsing using a pendulum.

A mobile Lenormand seminar for any location:
- learning it the easy way - detailled - helpful
- from home/work/anywhere - in your own time -
- with private one-to-one tuition for your specific questions -

- almost 8 hours video material (videos, audios, texts)
- Eva's (Lenormand) Card Reading Encyclopedia (181 pages)
- private one-to-one tutoring with Eva, your seminar coach
- You learn the art of psychic card readings and dowsing, but also spiritual truths that will change your life and the life of your future clients, in a positive way.


Learn the art of Lenormand card readings. With this course it's easy, inspiring, life-changing and absolutely flexible, as you decide on the where, when and how.


Learn really e v e r y t h i n g for offering spiritual advice with psychic card readings and dowsing.
This home study course is packed with detailled and life-changing inspirational insights and knowledge
as well as theoretical and practical techniques, tips and tricks.
All for your personal learning lenormand card reading and dowsing learning experience.

Your seminar/home study course contains numerous videos, audios and text.
Through this variety in the presentation of this course, it's suitable for simply e v e r y o n e.

You have the opportunity to choose your own time schedule for learning
how to become a spiritual advisor with lenormand cards and the pendulum.

Furthermore you receive Eva's unique Lenormand Card Reading Encyclopedia.

In any group seminar only the very 'extroverted' participant will get a chance to actively participate.

In this home study video seminar this is really different.
The course is put together as if it were a one-to-one tuition course,
thus 100% specific to your individual learning needs.

As it also includes a personal, one-to-one tuition session with Eva,
you'll be able to ask her any questions then.
This way you will never study on your own with this our one & only,
absolutely unique, lenormand card reading home study course with online video seminar material.

This course is suitable for :
** total novice,
** someone who already gained some knowledge
on lenormand card readings,
** but also those, who work as card readers already.
No matter whether you ,
- have no previous knowledge*
- have already got some knowledge, but providing live readings
with really interpreting the cards there and then is not possible yet*
- have some basic knowledge,
but fluently providing readings are still a difficult challenge*
- have some knowledge, but your interpretations
are never complex nor detailled and you are totally stuck
when clients ask you something elaborate*
- have some knowledge, but you simply cannot come up with the answers to clients' questions*
- are already a card reader, but you are not working confidently yet
as you are lacking the routine and the real experience for all scenarios*
- already work as a card reader, but you are lacking the background knowledge to really provide spiritual advice to people.*
This course suits you perfectly !
*just as an example.

With this home study video seminar you will learn truly e v e r y t h i n g (i.e. theoretical & practical wisdom) that you will ever require,
for you to offer psychic readings with the lenormand cards and the pendulum as well. May it be privately or professionally.

This course is very detailled and complex but it teaches you lenormand card reading the easy way and this for everyone.

There are many readers with even more techniques but often it's all far too overwhelming for a beginner
or someone who really likes to become a professional lenormand card reader.

+ Learn interpreting (thus reading) the lenormand cards -- the easy way +

Lots of real practical advice with tips and tricks will enable you
(even if you tried it before unsuccessfully) to learn reading the lenormand cards.

All provided to you from a successful, professional psychic card reader.

A client wrote about the course:
" This course is amazing. .
Comprehensiveness, accuracy and clear language make it easy to learn and take in the material. As a beginner I find the entire course 100% helpful, especially as every important factor and indeed covered.
And there is lots that I hadn't even thought about.
No group seminar was ever able to provide this to me.
The price is really good. I am so glad I found this course.
I can fully recommend this home study course to everyone.

What is really important to me and so it's another bonus, is the fact that I can go through the material in my own time. Going over it repeatedly if I wish to do so as well, and with it improving my skills rapidly. Step by step I am gaining the needed knowledge and already see some great successes.
It's fun as well and I know I am on the right path.
The course provides what it promises:

helpful, detailled and exactly tailored to the learner's needs and requirements. Many thanks!"


  Here a shortened list of the main seminar details
Eva's (Lenormand) Card Reading Encyclopedia (181 pages)
Why and how card readings work.
How to learn interpreting of the lenormand cards.
Introduction / Presentation of various card decks
Answers to numerous and frequently asked questions
Main meanings of the lenormand cards
Tips & tricks to memorize the card numbers
First steps to real card readings
Learning of all interpretation techniques
Numerous videos on various card spreads:
the grand tableau (9x4, 8x4+4 systems), celtic cross, card spreads specifically for relationships, decisions and karma.
Numerous videos with practical examples for real-life usage and for
frequent and actual clients' questions.
The Ins and Outs (i.e. A-Z) of readings
The most essential qualities of a god card reader
How to conduct a reading
Practical tips for working as a psychic reader and spiritual advisor
The art of dowsing
Introduction into dowsing using a pendulum
Tips for even more complex readings
Combinations with other information, details and tools
Psychic training and exercises
Improving your psychic skills
Practical exercises
One-to-one tuition session
Private one-to-one tuition with Eva
by phone or via Skype or Vsee (the latter being 100% encrypted)
Benefit from our current Introductory Offer:
£ 249,99

Book your personal seminar access here in our shop,
it's convenient and easy to do.

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Your seminar access is valid for 4 weeks from your initial payment.
This is sufficient time to learn the art of lenormand card readings.

However should you require any additional access* to the seminar details after that,
you can arrange that as well.

You'll receive
Eva's (Lenormand) Card Reading Encyclopedia separately
and it's yours to keep.

*This way, if preferred and according to your individual requirements,
you'll get continuous access to the material.



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