Psychotherapy Counselling - Mind Coaching - Holistic Coaching

Here to help you in your life. Come to terms with your past, present and future. Discover your true self which can heal and guide you at all times.

Self discovery - holistic health and wellbeing - a more positive and improved life awaits you.

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Psychotherapy counselling as well as holistic coaching means self discovery of your true self, your hidden talents and subsequently your inner gold : -)

Always remember: Awareness is the first step in healing, changing and growing.

~ Your life does not get better by chance - it gets better by change. ~

So embrace your true and wonderful self with our psychotherapy counselling and holistic coaching.
We'll show you how to improve your life, how to empower yourself, how to deal with past, present and future challenges in your life, how to find true happiness, success, abundance and holistic health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.


  • Psychotherapy counselling is communication about your life, your past, your positive and negative experiences etc.
  • The approach I use is a very holistic** and a psychodynamic^^one
    (**looking at the entire person and his/her life) (^^bearing past experiences way back into childhood into account).
  • Holistic coaching goes even a bit further and incorporates not only your past and present but also your future, using tools like spiritual - karmic - past life knowledge, astrological and angelic wisdom and much more. Always providing you with inspiration for personal growth, self discovery and subsequently holistic health and wellbeing for you.
  • By also using EFT therapy tapping we can even provide you with a gentle, user-friendly, empowering healing technique that brings about lasting positive life changes, despite of your challenges and possible negative experiences of your past.
    EFT (emotional freedom technique) by gently self-tapping on meridian points of the body as well as holistic coaching can speed up the healing and self-discovery process much more than any pure psychological counselling session can.
  • Always teaching you self-help techniques for your personal life in a confidential, professional and very caring way.
  • My knowledge and experience of varies psychological fields of knowledge always comes through as well.
    It is kind of intertwined in my counselling sessions at all times. Naturally you will also benefit from my knowledge of my Psychology degree from University as well as my experience from having worked as a Psychologist and Counsellor for many years (psychotherapy, talk therapy counselling and holistic and spiritual coaching).
  • Because of all of the above, my psychological counselling/holistic coaching is always complex, insightful and often touching rather deep levels of the client's being. In a session with me you will always also get real-live hints and tips for your life, always tailor-made to your situation and 100% solution orientated at all times.


Whatever your past or present life situation or current challenge might be,
book a time package now in our shop


Psychotherapy counselling and holistic coaching as well as mind coaching, here to help you discover your true wonderful self, for  holistic health and wellbeing.


Here are some example questions or situations that bring people to psychotherapy counselling and/or holistic coaching. Please note that these are just example reasons, and naturally they are interchangeable. They just serve to give you an idea about reasons why some other clients chose us:

Example reasons to choose psychotherapy counselling:

  • I experienced a traumatic childhood, how can I find happiness as an adult?
  • I suffer from an eating disorder, can you help me?
  • I need help for my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders), as they seem to rule my daily life.
  • I experience anxiety, panic attacks and phobias frequently in my life, please help.
  • I keep getting bullied at work, how can I end this cycle?
  • My past seems to be always holding me back. How can I rid myself of these burdens from my past?
  • I always seem to pick or end up with wrong or unsuitable partners. How can I break this cycle?
  • Why do I always feel/behave in a certain way?
  • Why is there this huge family quarrel, noone seems to be able to solve?
  • I am feeling down (depressed) more frequently these days and like to change this.
  • I have very low self-esteem, can you help me?
  • I am suffering post natal depression and need professional help.


Example reasons to choose holistic coaching:

  • What is my life purpose and how can I fulfill it?
  • What is my soul's chosen path and how to follow it?
  • I like to live a more meaningful life, but don't know where to start.
  • How can I break free from my fear of...... ?
  • What are my innate traits I might not be aware of?
  • I like to give my children the best upbringing and so I like to know what I can do to help them.
  • I like to learn about the inner feelings of my child. Will we get on in the future?
  • How can I break free from my fears and anxieties in life?
  • Why don't I get on with ....?
  • Why is there this big family feud in my family for generations now already?
  • I like to experience happiness in my life, how can I achieve this?
  • I really like to understand what makes my partner/friend/child tick, so we can enjoy each others company more.
  • Why do I always feel/behave in a certain way?
  • What is my karma and how can I heal it?
  • It feels like I am stuck in my life, what can I do?
  • I am very lonely and don't know how to change this feeling of loneliness.
  • I have recently retired but don't seem to be finding my way, how can I change this?
  • I have lost a loved one but don't seem to be able to move on with my own life.
  • I have been bullied at work and don't seem to get over that, what can I do?
  • I don't get on with my adult children, is there a solution to this?
  • I have small children but seem to be loosing my own personality while looking after them.



you like to be able to come to terms with your past, present and future.
And you like to discover your true self which can heal and guide you at all times?

Self discovery - holistic health and wellbeing - a more positive and improved life awaits you.


Whatever your past or present life situation or current challenge might be,
book a time package now in our shop



  • Psychotherapy counselling / holistic coaching by phone: Eva might even call you. This is possible for her in many countries.
  • Psychotherapy counselling / holistic coaching via Skype/Vsee: means no phone charges for you either and sound quality is
    usually crystal clear and better than by phone. Plus you can easily record the counselling and coaching session,
    for you to keep it as an audio/MP3 file, which clients often find very helpful.
  • EFT therapy tapping is incorporated in our psychotherapy counselling - holistic coaching via Vsee video calling: means no phone charges. You just require a webcam at your pc, laptop or simply your smartphone/iPhone. This way we can see each other during the counselling and coaching session, which helps with the EFT tapping therapy. For the usual psychotherapy counselling and holistic coaching this isn't necessary of course.

  • Our holistic counselling has many advantages to pure classical psychological counselling:
  • faster results and more effective than psychological counselling
  • deeper insights
  • no waiting lists
  • a 4 for 1 service
  • totally confidential
  • comfortably delivered to you at the convenience of your own home
  • much easier for you (as counselling is only provided to you by phone or via Skype, it is much easier to open up. It's a known fact that people feel blocked and find it harder to open up to someone they face in person in a room, rather than over the telephone or via Skype.
  • More convenient (with no travelling to and from sessions, you save on time and money)
  • very friendly and caring
  • really helpful, you will be surprised
  • always with practical tips for you, your situation and life
  • non-judgemental
  • always solution-orientated
  • customer-friendly and customer-orientated
  • flexible and human
  • appointments possible Monday – Sunday and even on bank holidays (with no extra charge for appointments outside of usual working hours)
  • every situation will be taken seriously and never laughed at or dismissed
  • Private counselling and coaching also has the following very important advantages:
  • you can choose the coach/counsellor/therapist you feel most comfortable with and not having to go with a given NHS or state one.
  • Easy access to an appointment and no NHS/state waiting lists nor procedures
  • no need to wait for NHS or state to authorise anything
  • no information about your private counselling/coaching therapy will be forwarded to your GP nor the NHS or state.
    We keep all your details absolutely private and confidential.
  • You yourself can decide on the frequency of your psychotherapy counselling or holistic coaching sessions.

Reduced fees for new clients to get to know and test our high standards and quality


Whatever your past or present life situation or current challenge might be,
book a time package for your own psychotherapy counselling or holistic coaching now in our shop



In the convenience of a live Psychotherapy counselling session, it:

  • will help for you to deal or overcome diffcult times/situations/issues in your life
  • can explain problems/issues of any kind within for example your family, childhood, work, relationship,
    offering you practical hints on how to work on those and more importantly how to live daily with those experiences.
  • can re-assure you
  • can give you confidence
  • can give you a positive outlook once again
  • can just help, as you are talking with someone not involved in the situation
  • can help you with practical tips, to get rid of negative past experiences in your life (childhood, family, relationship, work etc.)
  • assists you to overcome wrongly perceived blames or guilty feelings
  • can help you to cure psychosomaticly caused illnesses
    - GPs usually don't take time for this, but only hand out medication for the pain, which doesn't cure the source of the problem
  • help you to be stronger, more positive, more outgoing etc.
  • can help you to see your situation from an entirely different angle, and this way helping you
    to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • find a new outlook/approach to life
  • show you essential self discovery, which is needed for lasting and true happiness in your life
  • help you through any losses & much more


In the convenience of a live Holistic Coaching session, it :

  • gives you all the benefits like psychotherapy counselling, but on a much deeper and faster level

  • but with holistic coaching, you will also gain full understanding of any other person connected with your situation,
    to learn about their true feelings and reasons to act in certain ways as well as your connection to them etc.
  • can furthermore tell you your subconscious thoughts, underlying reasons and feelings as well as
    your subconscious approach to life and that specific situation
  • can show and point out your future emotions, future outcomes on situations etc.
  • can not only give you psychological and thus psychotherapy advice, but also divine messages from the angelic realms for example
  • can help you to life a more successful and happier life, understanding the laws of the Universe that effect us daily & much more


***Caring, insightful, inspiring, empowering, confidential by internationally known psychotherapist, counsellor and holistic coach.***

Help is available for any life situation you are in.

A client gave the following feedback:
"Eva makes me feel at home, and like I'm speaking with a Dear friend..... Eva is able to access great depths .... convenient, valuable...excellent service."

Have an initial counselling and coaching session and see for yourself,
you can benefit from our reduced online rates and reduced rates for first time buyers.
Also with all our coaching you will always receive a 2 for 1 deal, as you only pay for the time package booked,
but not Eva's preparation times.
Book your counselling/coaching now in our shop.

Eva is flexible with appointment times, as coaching sessions can be arranged daily. Once you made your purchase
you will be contacted by Eva personnally to confirm your exact counselling/coaching appointment time.


Still unsure?
Here are the main points explaining what makes psychotherapy counselling and holistic coaching,
with us so unique:

***private counselling / coaching daily = Mondays to Sundays, also on public bank holidays
***private psychotherapy counselling and holistic coaching worldwide = no matter where you are, counselling provided by phone or via Skype
***no waiting lists = counselling or holistic coaching provided by appointments, but with Eva's really flexible times,
you will never have to wait long for your actual appointment.
Appointments are mostly on the same day and if not, the next day is usually possible.
***reduced prices for first-time buyers = to get to know our extreme high quality service,
as a first-time buyer you are entitled to try our services at a reduced rate.
***no additional charges for appointments outside of usual working hours = although you can have your psychotherapy or coaching session daily and at any time, we are not charging you any additional fee when your appointment
is chosen for evening times or on a weekend or even on a bank holiday.
***always a 2 for 1 service = you always only pay your booked time package for the actual counselling session.
Eva's preparation work and times are not charged and so free for you.
***when astrology is incorporated in readings = you even get a 3 for 1 service!
***in holistic counselling = you even get an absolutely unique 4 for 1 service!
***no phone costs for you = Eva can call you in most countries, if this isn't possible for her, you can choose between convenient numbers or psychotherapy or holistic coaching is provided to you via Skype, which is always free of charge.
***all our counselling and coaching is = confidential, friendly, caring, inspiring, insightful, honest, professional
***excellent & unique pre- and after- sales' support = many private psychotherapists and coaches will take your money, but in a non-ethical way, only care about this and after your therapy sessions, will leave you with your 'situation' alone, so to speak.
With us this is different, - even before your initial appointment,
Eva's personal attention to your booking is already caring and inspiring.
- Then the personal psychotherapy counselling and self discovery coaching is an uplifting and empowering experience on its own.
- But even after your appointment, Eva will keep in contact with you and your situation.
- If you are interested you can get updated with our bi-monthly news, that include free inspiration, a free card reading school, a free astrology and moon school as well as exclusive offers. But even your birthday won't be forgotten
as well as Eva remembering to keep in touch in a very caring way.
***'real' life guidance and advice = our psychotherapy counselling as well as our holistic mind coaching is full of real, practical guidance for you and your specific life and situation, including practical exercises for your daily life.
With this really making an everlasting impact onto you and your life.
***customer-friendly loyalty bonus program = to give you even a little bit more, once again, our loyalty bonus program ensures
that your purchase with us is always used well for free gifts and readings alike.

***even offering free psychic readings = when booking a psychic card reading party bookings (Mystic Party)
or simply referring your friends to our services, you are entitled to a free psychic reading yourself.


Not entirely sure whether our psychotherapy counselling, mind coaching or holistic coaching can help you?
Contact Eva, so she can explain to you
how it will help you and even improve your life.


Book your confidential private counselling/coaching session in our shop now.
It's the first step to an improved and joyous life.
Look forward to hearing from you.


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