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Astrological sample birth chart report of Matthey McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey's Horoscope


This sample text shows you excerpts
taken from the Astro*Talk report based on Matthew McConaughey's birth.

In this excerpt the focus lies on major transits happening for him and the planetary house placements only.

Major Transits Happening Now

Astrologers use the term "transits" to mean the positions of the major planets that are overhead (in the sky) right now and their relationship to our birth chart. Transits are very important indicators of the current situation in which we find ourselves. They can provide insight into what we are now going through. Here are the dates when the next major transits for the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are exact in your chart. Some dates will have already passed and some are still to come. Remember, with these large planets transits don't just happen on the day when they are exact. They cover a wide span of days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, depending on which planet is involved.

In general, transits of Jupiter take from several days to a week or two to complete, while those of Saturn take from two weeks to a month to play themselves out. With the outer planets, the period of activity is even longer: transits of Uranus take about two months, Neptune three or four months, and Pluto takes about a year. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move so slowly that the complete transit experience may take a year or two to complete itself. So be prepared to work with these situations.

Nov 16, 2019 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 0m)
This could be a difficult situation. Your career and path to success seem to be running counter to your need for change and self-growth. Job requirements may stifle your sensitivity, hold you back from growing. Tread this one with care.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Dec 24, 2019 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 1m)
A real time to buckle down and consolidate your career. Your organizational abilities and sense of responsibility will be what guide you and prove successful. Your career could assume a much more determined and solid form -- a firm foundation.

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Dec 27, 2019 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 1m)
You find that you can really use your mind to make clear choices and think things through. Career decisions are straightforward and easy to make. You make your way through ideas, concepts, and your ability to communicate and express them to others.

Jupiter Sextile Mercury

Jan 01, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 1m)
Career choices and direction seem to indicate a loss of freedom and originality on your part. You may feel stifled and forced to go along if you want to succeed. This could result in a situation building up to an explosive level. Tread with care.

Jupiter Square Uranus

Jan 01, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 1m)
Career moves may depend upon your cutting through some of the fluff and really taking care of business, getting down to your most practical. Ridding yourself of excess (what is nonessential) may be a key move.

Jupiter in Eighth House

Jan 26, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 2m)
Everything may be pouring in at once, and it's all good news. Your career direction gets some encouragement, and life's problems should find easy solutions. You may benefit from an older person or one in authority. Life could assume a dreamlike stance.

Jupiter Sextile Sun

Jan 28, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 2m)
Your home environment, friends, and surroundings in general get facilitated and receive encouragement. Your work or career is in real harmony with the rest of your life. You could gain from subordinates or younger people during this time.

Jupiter Trine Moon

Mar 15, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 4m)
Your career may be at a rather delicate point and under a lot of pressure. It could be hard to find solutions or make the right decisions as to how to proceed. The whole process could be stopped up and sluggish. You may have to bide your time.

Jupiter Square Jupiter

Mar 21, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 4m)
Career decisions that point to real success may go against your sense of values. You may not be able to appreciate this particular way or road to success. The way life is going may seem to ignore much of what you love and appreciate.

Jupiter Square Venus

Apr 24, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 5m)
Jun 03, 2020 2nd Pass R< (Age 50 6m)
You may find that both your personal growth and your career may depend upon how you can handle the very sensitive psychological material that may be coming up now. You will benefit from analytical insights, getting to the heart of things. Penetrating.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

Jan 06, 2020 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 2m)
Events make it difficult to make good decisions concerning career and life direction. The danger of building on unsound foundations or expanding too fast is present. You could feel up tight and blocked on all sides... unable to move forward. Patience.

Saturn Square Jupiter

Jan 14, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 2m)
A time to be patient and tread a little lightly when it comes to indulgence and overextending yourself. Things could be tight. You may find it hard to appreciate or enjoy very much just now, and times may find you feeling lonely and at odds with life.

Saturn Square Venus

Feb 14, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 3m)
A good time to make some changes and reach new levels. A lot of personal and sensitive psychological material may be surfacing, but you can handle it and turn it to your advantage. You may look back on these months as very transformative.

Saturn Trine Pluto

Feb 27, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 3m)
Circumstances should work together to help bring out your ideals, make it easier to make your dreams real. You may find yourself examining and testing ideals, separating the wheat from the chaff. All in all, a good time to project your image.

Saturn Sextile Neptune

Mar 25, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 4m)
A time during which you could accomplish a lot through sheer discipline -- control of your energy and drive. You may find yourself turning out any emotional pockets and working with your feelings a lot. A very strong time. Don't push too hard.

Saturn Conjunction Mars

Apr 12, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 5m)
Jun 09, 2020 2nd Pass R< (Age 50 7m)
A time to pursue a more lasting set of values, be they religious or philosophical. Everything external and business-oriented should prosper, provided that honesty and truth are your guides. You are reaching a peak regarding outward success.

Saturn in Ninth House

Jun 06, 2019 1st Pass D> (Age 49 7m)
Oct 20, 2019 2nd Pass R< (Age 49 11m)
Mar 26, 2020 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 4m)
New ways to organize and discipline yourself are possible now. Here is an opportunity to get some insight into some of your problems and responsibilities that may prove of great value in the years to come. Break up old habits, get out of ruts, and so on.

Uranus Conjunction Saturn

Jun 22, 2019 1st Pass D> (Age 49 7m)
Oct 03, 2019 2nd Pass R< (Age 49 10m)
Apr 08, 2020 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 5m)
You could be under considerable mental tension or feel hemmed in by an overly conservative mental atmosphere. You may feel compelled to change your mind now and have new thoughts and forms of expression. Bucking other people's ideas may be in order.

Uranus Opposition Mercury

May 01, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 5m)
A time when insights and possibly breakthroughs are possible in self-sacrifice and giving in on what is not important. New ways to be understanding and accepting are possible now. You can see into the greater reasoning behind appearances.

Uranus in Twelfth House

Jul 08, 2019 2nd Pass R< (Age 49 8m)
Dec 20, 2019 3rd Pass D> (Age 50 1m)
Your career can end up at right angles to your own inner sensitivities and need for growth and change. Emotional material welling up from within you may challenge and threaten the current path you travel, causing you to stop and consider it with care.

Pluto Square Jupiter

Mar 29, 2019 1st Pass D> (Age 49 4m)
May 21, 2019 2nd Pass R< (Age 49 6m)
Jan 18, 2020 1st Pass D> (Age 50 2m)
An intense time, during which your need for inner growth and change may not agree with how you feel, your current value system. You may not appreciate all of the intensely personal stuff that is boiling up, coming to your attention.

Pluto Square Venus


House Activity and Emphasis

You look to home and family for support and encouragement. History (personal or otherwise) interests you, and you tend toward nostalgia. Security is very important and you need to have real roots in order to be productive.
--- Moon in Fourth House

You may go through a lot of changes that affect your sense of security. Your home and family situation could be a focus for growth and real learning -- an area of great sensitivity and vulnerability.
--- Pluto in Fourth House

You probably love the theater and all that is creative, expressive, and artsy. You appreciate the dramatic, and emotional scenes are a sign of life to you. You love action, sports, and putting your heart and feelings on the line.
----- Venus in Fifth House

You could be successful working with creativity and self-expression through the arts and theater, in sports, or with the ultimate self-expression, children. You may find yourself a guide and teacher to others when it comes to these matters.
------ Jupiter in Fifth House

You are unconventional when it comes to self-expression and enjoyment. You find new and different ways to get it out -- possibly sports, the creative arts, and such. Always independent when it comes to emotions, you don't mind feeling a little different.
---- Uranus in Fifth House

You are a good worker, always thinking and caring for things. You are naturally service-oriented and enjoy taking care of the needs of others. You are very discriminating and can sort out the good apples from the bad.-----Sun in Sixth House

You are very imaginative when it comes to your health, the food you eat, and how you take care of yourself. Quick to get the picture, you may find yourself helping others see the benefits that proper care (mental, physical, and such) can bring.
----- Neptune in Sixth House

You work hard to make your dreams and ideals a reality. You work hard at community or group work. You spare no effort here. Humanitarian goals are central to your life's work.
---- Saturn in Eleventh House

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