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Your spiritual mentor, consultant and life coach, helping you on your soul's journey.

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The alignment with your soul.


I am TimeForTalking, expert as an inspired Soul Consultant/Coach with the aid of
Evolutionary Astrology, Card Readings & Psychic Knowledge / Spiritual Claircognizance.

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What makes our program different.

Clients describe our Soul Readings/Consultations as:

- very inspiring
- really helpful
- straight to the point
- always available for me, that is fantastic
- you gave me the support and the guidance, I needed
- my questions were always answered &
I received step-by-step instructions to achieve any change
- always completely tailor-made to my life and situation, never anything general
- it's was always only about 'me' that was amazing, no group or webinar ever gave me that
- definitely inspired from 'above'
- I can fully recommend you to everyone

One client said for example:
"During your consultation you gave me a very good feeling. You always came right to the point with regards to what I have been going through or what lies ahead of me still.
I can truly recommend you and your service."


footsteps on the beach, No matter what you are trying to achieve.. always remember: even the most difficult or long journey, always only starts with a very first step. Take this step today, contact us & improve your life.

Take this step now, we will be right by your side,
all the way, leading you towards the light of your very own soul's journey. For you to enjoy a blissful life.


There are numerous ripple effects for the results of attending our VIP Soul Consultation Programs:

The benefits you would receive when learning all about your soul's purpose are multi-layered. They kind of have a ripple effect, as they grow wider and wider.

Initially there will be primary results, which you would see as direct answers to you questions on your life path.
+ Explaining past, present and future helps immensely.+

Then there will be physical results, like your improved health, as you know which healing path can and will work, and which doesn't.
+ Well-being of your body, mind and spirit. +

Then there will be results effecting your relationships.
With you finding suitable and lasting partners, and with current ones knowing exactly what obstacles need to be overcome and dealt with.

The results for your finances would be:
improved finances, you doing enjoyable work and start a matching career, helping you to enjoy your work and subsequently never 'working' every again.

Then there will be spiritual results,
which will be major insights, you feeling empowered, experiencing a feeling of 'being home', + experiencing bliss and true happiness. +

Contact us, in the offline chat window in the right bottom of this page,
for a personal & private soul package,
tailored to your requirements


Your expert place for:

  • Spiritual Growth,
  • Awakening & Remembering,
  • Soul Purpose Consultations,
  • Through accessing your Soul's Blueprint,
  • Decoding your Pre-Birth Plans,
  • Spiritual Mentoring,
  • Holistic Coaching,
  • Evolutionary Astrology,
  • Psychic Readings (with cards, angels, astrology)
    by phone - online - by audio email,
  • Psychic Counselling / Coaching (also with EFT),
  • Psychotherapy / Holistic Talk Therapy (also with EFT),
  • Card Reading Seminars,
  • One-to-one Psychic Tuition,
  • Psychic Party Bookings,
  • Free Psychic Readings,
  • Written Astrology Reports / Horoskopes,
  • Written Numerological Interpretations,
  • Crystal guides/ebooks,
  • Angel Literature,
  • Spiritual ebooks,
  • Free Gifts,
  • Spiritual Podcast,
  • Spiritual Blog


Before you leave, visit our 2nd page on soul consultations here.


Should you aim not to seriously change your life ongoing in a positive way, then instead visit our main entry page for shorter help, support & readings for you.



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