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Please note that I cannot provide free readings any longer
- even a lightworker has to pay bills in an incarnation -
so should you only be interested in a free reading my readings aren't suitable I am afraid;
- unless you choose one of our party bookings, referral booking options .

  • To place your booking please do so via our shop.
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  • If you have a question please read our FAQ,
    covering numerous possible queries.
  • If you have another question than covered under FAQ,
    please get in touch via
    email: (see live chat contact box below)
  • Via Live Chat (at the bottom right green corner of this page).
    Please note:
    Aiming to keep a 100% personal touch, Eva is always trying to chat with you personally, answering your questions herself in our live chat. However this might mean that you can only leave a message
    in the live chat, should she be busy with doing a reading at the same time - indicated below as 'offline'. Still click on it, and leave a message. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Emails are checked and responded to daily.
    Hence this way you can reach us 24 hours daily, 365 days per year.
  • For psychic readings by phone where Eva cannot call you
    (though this is possible for her in many countries world-wide)
    you will have the choice between different phone numbers (landline numbers) in the following countries:
  • UK, Germany.
  • United Kingdom:
    (area code: 01420 or a 0845* phone number)

    (*calls will cost x amount per minute (check with your phone company)
    plus your telephone company's access charge)
  • Germany (area code for example: 02361 or 0231)


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What is special about TimeForTalking - Guidance Services -?

*We offer individually centred, caring, confidential guidance services.
By using a holistic & cosmic approach to life, we can assist our clients in a tailor-made unique way. Everyone is welcome and every situation will be taken seriously.
*At the same time we are proud to be one of the most reliable and efficient working company for those services around.
*Being an international online company with virtual offices in each country
(& offering our services world-wide), working with emails 24/7,
we are always here for you, wherever you are and whenever this may be.
*This means that appointments for readings & services can be booked & arranged everyday of the year, 7 days/week, i.e. also on weekends, bank holidays; during daytime as well as evenings. Now that's unique!

*All our services are totally confidential,
offered to you in a caring, professional, solution orientated way.
*Readings and services can be booked and arranged every day of the year,
24/7, i.e. during daytime as well as evening times,
Mondays to Sundays, and also on bank holidays.
*Clients also value how flexible Eva is, when it comes to getting an appointment.
*Emails are read and responded to also daily, every day of the year.

*TimeForTalking is absolutely unique.

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