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Gift vouchers offered worldwide
for all our services.

Either as a part payment for a product or service,
or for the entire fee.

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Gift Vouchers

  • You like your friends or family to benefit from our product & services as well?
  • You are looking for spiritual gift ideas?
  • You are looking for a unique and meaningful present for someone?
  • You like a present for someone without having to worry about post & package?

    All services & products, can also be enjoyed by one of your friends or family, by means of a gift voucher. Each nicely formatted gift voucher will be emailed either to you or directly to the recipient if you like.
    Give your friends the chance to a real, insightful and absolutely unique present,
    give them one of our gift vouchers.

  • To purchase a gift voucher, simply go to our shop.
    (Should you rather buy an entire consultation/reading etc. than a blank, gift voucher for a small part payment only, then simply purchase that service and state that it's meant as a gift voucher for such and such person etc. We'll do the rest and email them the gift voucher directly, if you like.)


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