Love Horoscope of Prince Harry & Meghan (Markle)
(Duke & Duchess of Sussex)


sample relationship horoscope of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle' Horoscope


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Sample Extract From Relationship Profile Text

Sample extract text from report on Prince Harry & Meghan

Report for Prince Harry

How You Approach Relationships
Who would expect from your dignified and staid manner that you require so much mothering from a partner? Your natural business sense and conservative nature in general might point to your hooking up with a real no-nonsense and even cool type. Not the case. You are attracted by feeling and emotional types, and a good strong display of emotion never put you off, although you may prefer it in the privacy of your home. You find it hard to be demonstrative, yet you love to be cared for and even babied.

Cancer on 7th Cusp

You need lots of love and attention, and you don't mind being mothered a bit, either. You like partners who are emotionally sensitive, supportive, and nurturing. A bit of mothering goes a long way with you.

Moon Ruler of 7th

Everything seems to move through you once you get around other people. You have real communication skills that make you a perfect interface for others -- the negotiator. You value intelligence and articulation, especially in a partner. You are never happier than when you find yourself in meaningful conversation, surrounded by sparkling wit, clever thoughts, and all that is mercurial. You may come to know writers, reporters, announcers, and investigators.

Mercury in 7th House

Strengths in your relationships
A born lover. You feel right at home with your emotions, and others can't help but remark at your bright, cheery attitude. People like to be around you because you are very expressive and always quick to reveal when you like someone or something. You seldom hide what you are feeling. A love relationship is a real necessity for you and you seldom are without one. You are at home with your sexuality.

Venus Sextile Mars (orb: 00 47')

You are comfortable with your sexual identity, and tend to be emotionally well balanced. There is a natural rhythm in the way you handle the day-to-day problems of work and play, with the result that you are capable of sustained effort. These same qualities affect your relationships too. They tend to be harmonious and long lasting.

Moon Trine Sun (orb: 01 09')

You are a great problem-solver, and can always think of a way to do almost anything. Your friends know you to be fair, and your integrity is unquestionable. You may find yourself interested in legal matters, publishing, philosophical and religious subjects, and would make a good teacher or instructor. Scientific investigation would interest you.

Mercury Trine Jupiter (orb: 01 41')

Very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most (taboo subjects, etc.) don't bother you at all. You always persevere and keep right on investigating. You are expert at getting straight to the heart of things, and would make a super sleuth, or researcher. The deeper a secret is buried, the more likely it is that you will turn it up. And when it comes to money, sex, and other highly charged issues, pity anyone who tries to manipulate you. That's your bailiwick, and there are very few who can stand to argue with you.

Mercury Sextile Pluto (orb: 04 42')

You have a fantastic imagination and are somehow tuned into what we all dream of at the deepest levels. The dream worlds, the more eternal thoughts of mankind, come easy for you, and you would be a convincing speaker on occult, metaphysical, and religious subjects. The way you talk about the intuitive and imaginative realms is very moving to others. You are able to put into words the sense of unity that we all know exists in the world but can't always keep in mind. You could be a fine poet or musician, especially a composer.

Mercury Trine Neptune (orb: 06 35')

Challenges in your relationship:

You may have a fear of taking the plunge, letting go. Perhaps you are hesitant to trust your vision or your dreams, lest they overpower your day-to-day routine. As for relationships, you tend to worry about being deceived. There is tension present as to just how much you dare trust your more mystical side. Perhaps you have been disappointed by authority figures, more due to your over-idealizing them than to their own faults.

Sun Square Neptune (orb: 05 40')

Others sense in you the presence of much energy, almost a tension. You may tend to have trouble just relaxing and find yourself always on the go, doing things. This aggressiveness could lead to undue competition and striving. You may have a sense that you can't always trust your drive and feelings. There also could be a tendency to buck authority, in particular, powerful men.

Sun Square Mars (orb: 06 01')

Your relationship with Meghan

This is a true partnership -- real marriage material. When you first met Meghan, you got the message as to what marriage and partners are really all about. Perhaps for the first time you experienced what it is like to totally respond to another person. All you wanted to do was to love and care for her. Bells rang, and all of that. It had the potential for being a real initiation, a coming together. You are ready to work to keep this love together.

Her Sun in Your Seventh House

The two of you have a great rapport. There is mental kinship. In fact a talk session with Meghan almost amounts to therapy for you both. There is a real sense of mutual reflection. It would be hard for you to find a more productive intellectual companion. It is possible that you may work together in some public way through speaking, writing, investigating. A real meeting of the minds.

Her Mercury in Your Seventh House

She finds you more sexy than just attractive. You felt this quality from the first. Her appreciation for you is quite bare and direct. It cuts through words and needless explanations. You can't resist. It's as if she already knows the real you and likes what she finds. She handles the most sensitive areas of your personality without even asking your permission. She knows what to do. A very exciting condition.

Her Venus in Your Eighth House

When all is well, the two of you manage to get a lot done, attending to all of the responsibilities that need caring for. She drives you to a greater response than you could provide on your own when it comes to taking care of business. However, if you are the least bit upset or overloaded, you may experience Meghan as too much of a good thing. She may irritate you. Or you may get critical and petty with one another. The whole thing can be hard on your nerves.

Her Mars in Your Sixth House

The two of you relate very directly with one another. She may have led the way in this regard. There are no secrets between you. All of the superficial is quickly brushed aside, and words are not always needed between you. There is a strong passionate or sensual side to this relationship. Meghan could be an excellent business partner for you. She has good sense and a nose for what counts and is worthwhile.

Her Jupiter in Your Eighth House

Your friends may find Meghan enchanting. She brings an almost otherworldly quality into your friendships, partly due to her strong idealism and eloquence. She could have the effect of uniting a group around their common center of interest. Music and the arts come to the fore. At times you may feel this relationship has an unreal quality to it, that it lacks all sense of practicality.

Her Neptune in Your Eleventh House

A different kind of teacher. Meghan tends to view life and philosophy just the way you do. She may take the lead when it comes to introducing you to new ideas and getting rid of worthless pipe dreams. She is an intellectual challenge, and does not hesitate to throw ideas of yours out the window that she finds not to the point. You will seldom find someone who is as intellectually aggressive, a kind of mental purgative. She can change your basic philosophy of life.

Her Pluto in Your Ninth House

Report for Meghan (Markle)

How You Approach Relationships

You are warmly generous and always gracious with others. You have an innate sense of playfulness and self-discovery that endears you to all who come to know you. You will always have a bit of the child about you, and you tend to require considerable attention from a mate. Anyone who gets to know you knows that you take yourself ever so seriously. You prefer a mate with great ambitions and plans, who dares to dream the impossible dream! You benefit from being drawn out of yourself by someone with less self-consciousness. Above all, you really value a close friend -- especially in a lover. You are attracted to visionaries with broad humanitarian goals.

Aquarius on 7th Cusp

Strengths in your relationships
You communicate very well, and it is easy for you to give others a feeling for whatever you're thinking. You tend to believe that there is almost no problem that cannot be handled with words, by talking it out. You could be a fine speaker. Your natural sensitivity for the feelings and thoughts of those around you makes you a valued community member. Needless to say, you want a partner who is at home with feelings and -- above all -- likes to talk.

Moon Sextile Mercury (orb: 00 16')

You were born lucky and have never had trouble finding support and approval from others. You may find that working with people is what you want to do for a career. Whether professionally or not, you will find yourself guiding and directing other people in one way or another. You have a way with other people and could do well in advertising, sales... any occupation that works with the public. If anything, you might have had it a little too easy, been a little too lucky.

Moon Conjunction Jupiter (orb: 01 16')

Challenges in your relationship
It may have been hard to get emotional support over the years, and your temper has not always been a help to you. You have had to work a lot of problems out for yourself. While you do have a lot of motivation and energy, often there is some difficulty in getting it channeled in useful directions. Sometimes you feel that others don't like you. You require a partner that can give you lots of emotional support. There could be a basic ambivalence with your mother, or with women in general. You may not feel like working.

Moon Square Mars (orb: 06 04')

Your Relationship with Prince Harry
You find Prince Harry supportive when it comes to matters of your career. He understands where you are headed and how it is best to go about developing your practical and vocational side. With his help, you can make great strides in your managerial ability. He has an instinctual sense of your capabilities (of what you would do best) and he can't help but nurture you in these matters. He might be instrumental in getting you out of the closet and into the public eye.

His Moon in Your Tenth House

Prince Harry is, above all, very supportive. If you have been looking for a genuine response to your special qualities, this should be it. Upon meeting him, you felt an instant trust and enjoyed a rare sense of security. He responds to you with warmth and appreciates who you are. It's the next best thing to having a mother! he may have a beneficial effect on your finances and resources too. He has a real instinct for handling money. In addition, other financial benefits may come to you through Prince Harry Duk.

His Sun in Your Second House



Please remember this is only an extract, a complete report is usually about 25 pages.

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