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sample relationship horoscope of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively' Horoscope


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Sample Extract From Relationship Profile Text

Sample extract text from report on Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

Report for Ryan Reynolds

How You Approach Relationships
You're a demon for details. There is no question in anyone's mind that you have got it all together, at least from an organizational standpoint. You are indeed cool, calm, and collected. Yet there is something missing. You yearn for contact and involvement. You need something to do and someone to care for. Talk about loving punishment -- you feel responsible for just about everyone, and tend to end up with some pretty hopeless cases. And we're talking major dreamers here. You can't resist them -- the woolier, the better. They need your help and can't seem to help themselves. The funny part is that you love it, and them!

Pisces on 7th Cusp

You have a penchant for dreamers, mystics, and the highly imaginative. You love to get carried away romantically, and your friends may find you are unrealistic and often disappointed. You like love right out of a romance novel, complete with a sense of mystery and otherworldliness. You value imagination in a lover, and probably love movies and music.

Neptune Ruler of 7th

Challenges in your relationship:
Ryan, you may have difficulty expressing your feelings, with the result that tension accumulates to the boiling point. You may get the feeling sometimes that situations and other people unite to repress you, to hold you back. You probably have had some really harsh experiences, hard feelings. You feel you must push and strain to get anywhere at all. You would do well with a partner who can help you through the process of getting your feelings out without exploding.

Mars Square Saturn (orb: 05 45')

Your relationship with Blake:
She has a healthy psychological effect on you. You probably have long and involved discussions, perhaps secluding yourself from the rest of the world for a time. Through knowing her you feel more accepting of the way life and the world are. She is supportive of the tendency in yourself to forgive and forget, to suffer the pangs and arrows of life in favor of its better qualities. When you are with her, you can become very accepting, tranquil, almost sweet.

Her Moon in Your Twelfth House

She may be responsible for a deep change in your values, all that you consider important in life. This may involve some very sensitive issues and real self-facing on your part. Through knowing her, your status in the world (especially in regard to finances) could undergo a transformation. She may help you strip away many unessential qualities and concentrate on those resources that can actually benefit you.

Her Pluto in Your Second House

Report for Blake Lively

How You Approach Relationships

You are warmly generous and always gracious with others. You have an innate sense of playfulness and self-discovery that endears you to all who come to know you. You will always have a bit of the child about you, and you tend to require considerable attention from a mate. Anyone who gets to know you knows that you take yourself ever so seriously. You prefer a mate with great ambitions and plans, who dares to dream the impossible dream! You benefit from being drawn out of yourself by someone with less self-consciousness. Above all, you really value a close friend -- especially in a lover. You are attracted to visionaries with broad humanitarian goals.

Aquarius on 7th Cusp

You love the oddball and the unfettered. You may be drawn to social visionaries and to unconventional types in general -- a taste for the bohemian. You may have many unusual relationships of short duration. There is an on-again, off-again, quality to your affairs. You depend on relationships for insights into yourself and your life.

Uranus Ruler of 7th

Blake, you tend to support and encourage an independent streak in Ryan. You don't mind that he enjoys being a little different. You find him emotionally stimulating, and even unique. He may have introduced you to new attitudes toward home and family, and new ways of feeling.

Your Moon Sextile His Uranus (orb: 05 55')



Please remember this is only an extract, a complete report is usually about 25 pages.

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