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^*^ However no cancellation right exists:
If the service provider fully provided the service and only started providing the service
after the consumer confirmed that he/she loses the right to cancel the contract once the service has been provided.

Information to confirm the exclusion of your cancellation right:
We hereby inform you that with a booking at TimeForTalking
i) you have expressly agreed that we are permitted to perform your booked service
before the end of the usual cancellation period and
ii) you acknowledged in the booking procedure that you will fully lose your right to cancel
once the services has been provided to you.

I.e. you agree, that we are permitted to provide you with the booked service before the end of 14 days
and that you are aware that once the service has been provided your right to cancel is lost.

[ If you like to read all details on cancellation rights again, please do so. We advise you to view that page separately,
as otherwise your above filled-in information will be erased.
Simply visit separately: timefortalking.com/cancellations-directive-on-consumer-rights.htm ]



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