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Answers to your questions.

* confidential, honest,
helpful, detailled *

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psychic readings by email

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Psychic audio readings with card readings, angelic messages, astrology, claircognizance by email through MP3 audio recordings:
easy to access from any location in your own time, confidential, caring, genuine, with future forecasts, too.


You are seeking answers to your questions but prefer a psychic reading by email (a MP3 audio recording of my spoken voice)?
You wish to remain anonymous, by not having your own voice heard in a reading at all?
-- Many prefer email readings and also find it a great advantage to be able to listen to the reading repeatedly.--

Whatever your very own reasons, here you have found the perfect solution.
As we offer psychic card readings by email as MP3 audio recordings.
++++ This is absolutely unique and much more personal than any written text could ever be. ++++

You can come across many readers offering card readings by email and this for only a few £ or $.
B U T -- and this is essential, these readings usually only consist of a couple of sentences.

With us this is entirely different, as you book a time package for your email reading.
Thus the amount of information and answers provided to you in the email reading is identical to the amount of a phone reading.
You cannot even compare this to a few written down sentences!
And even if someone is a fast typer, speaking is simply faster and I am renowned for the high amount of information I provide in a single reading.

Here at TimeForTalking an email reading is identical to meeting face-to-face or having a phone reading,
but with the advantage of you not having to be present at all.
You'll tell us your question/s with your booking and those will be answered in the psychic email reading.

For this I will record my voice while conducting your reading, using cards, angelic messages, astrology and my psychic knowledge.

This way you can listen to the MP3 audio recording of your reading, as if it was done by phone,
but simply without your voice as you gave your questions beforehand already ;-).




Spiritual answers to your questions, sent to you by email. May it concern
love, home, work, your children, friends, family, finances, karm, past lives or anything else.

Answers to your questions (past, present, future)
- with card readings - angel messages - astrological insights and my claircognizance (psychic knowledge)


A past client gave the following feedback:

"Eva is a reader with an amazing talent. She non-stop provided me with information regarding myself and the other person concerned in my life....
None of this slow talk, that you get with some readers, to simply make time fly in their so called " readings".
When it is your money being used, every minute counts. Eva had sympathy,empathy and was kind and caring but most of all,she was TRUTHFUL.
She told me a couple of home truths and her training showed through,head and shoulders, above most readers I know.
This lady, in my opinion is simply a top reader! Eva, thank you once again for your help and support through the information
you provided me with in my reading. We have to speak again soon."

Another client said:

"...The readings were very detailed, personal (compassionate, warm, encouraging etc.).
Eva is able to access great depths in her readings. Readings with Eva = convenient, valuable...excellent service."


"I liked the reading via MP3. I was able to really focus on what was being said because I wasn't jotting down any notes.
And I could listen to it over again, too, which was great."

Try it for yourself you will be positively surprised.
You will benefit from our reduced rates for first time buyers and on this page only from a extra-ordinary special offer.

Also with all our readings you will always receive a 2 for 1 deal, as you only pay for the time package booked,
but not Eva's pre- and after- apppointments' preparation times.
When astrology is included in readings, too, you will even get a 3 for 1 deal !!


Book your psychic reading audio email today here.


^^^ Pointer on how much time is needed in a reading ^^^

Although you choose the length for your reading, please bear the following in mind:
Eva works extremely fast, however with the huge amount of important information for your questions and situation,
to cover one topic area/life aspect with about 1 question only by using the cards and only very few, brief angel messages,
Eva will require already about 20 minutes
, providing you with an ethical psychic reading.
To cover that same topic/life aspect much deeper and more complete, as well as including astrology in the reading,
40 minutes would be much more advisable, or rather at least needed.

Please note:
Due to the limited time in any reading, Eva will only be able to include astrological insights fully in a 60 minute reading.

Though one cannot generalize, as some questions are linked together, 'very generally' it roughly works like:
one question in one topic/life area, should be counted for with at least 20 minutes.


The knowledge of the Universe brought to you in psychic readings by email,
with cards, angels, astrology, claircognizance can also improve your life.


Still a bit unsure?
Here are the main points explaining what makes a psychic card reading by email with us so unique:

  • psychic card readings by email daily = Mondays to Sundays, also on public bank holidays
  • psychic card readings worldwide = no matter where you are, readings are provided by phone, via Skype/Vsee or email (MP3).
  • no waiting lists = readings are provided by appointments, but with Eva's really flexible times,
    you will never have to wait for your actual reading time or to receive your recorded MP3 reading long.
    Appointments are mostly on the same day and if not, the next day is usually possible, same goes for MP3 readings.
    MP3 recordings are usually emailed within 72 hours, often much sooner.
  • reduced prices for first-time buyers = to get to know our extreme high quality service,
    as a first-time buyer you are entitled to try our services at a reduced rate.
  • no additional charges for appointments outside of usual working hours = although you can have your psychic reading by email
    daily and at any time, we are not charging you any additional fee when your psychic reading's appointment or recording
    falls on an evening time or on a weekend or even bank holiday.
  • always a 2 for 1 service = you always only pay your booked time package for the actual psychic reading.
    Eva's preparation times are not charged and so are free for you !
  • all readings are = confidential, friendly, caring, inspiring, insightful, genuine, professional
  • excellent & unique pre- and after- sales' support = many spiritual advisors and premium rate pschics' hotlines
    will easily take your money, but in a non-spiritual way, only care about this and after a rather short reading,
    will leave you with your 'situation' alone, so to speak. With us this is different,
    - even before your reading, Eva's personal attention to your booking is already caring and inspiring.
    - Then the reading is a uplifting and empowering experience on its own.
    - But even after your reading, Eva will contact you again about your reading.
    - If you are interested you can get updated with our bi-monthly news, that include
    free inspiration, a free card reading school, a free astrology and moon school as well as exclusive offers.
    - But even your birthday won't be forgotten as well as Eva remembering to keep in touch in a very caring way.
  • 'real' psychic insights and advice = our psychic email readings are full of real, practical guidance for you and your specific life and situation,
    including practical exercises for your daily life. With this really making an everlasting impact onto you and your life.
  • customer-friendly loyalty bonus program = to give you even a little bit more, once again,
    our loyalty bonus program
    ensures that your purchase with us is always used well for free gifts and readings alike.
  • even offering free psychic readings = when booking a psychics' tarot card reading party bookings (Mystic Party)
    or simply referring your friends to our services, you are entitled to a free psychic karma and past life reading yourself.

    Psychic card readings by email (MP3 audio recordings). Always confidential, caring and genuine. Answers to your questions.

Book a time package now - here on this page - for your very own psychic reading by email in form of a MP3 audio recording.
Look forward to hearing from you.

With white angel light and blessings.


Should you prefer a fully interactive psychic reading by phone or fully encrypted via Vsee, then book your time package for this in our shop.

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