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Reliable & efficient one-to-one & small group language tuition, as well as world-wide online tuition.
Also a translation service, teacher training, study help.

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We have already taught in major UK companies.

Here are a few comments from some of our private clients:

Jude Austin, Woking, England
I am very happy with my Japanese tuition. I get on well with my tutor and enjoy my lessons
with her a lot. She has an excellent ability to teach, is very friendly & easy to talk to.
I would recommend Time for Talking to anyone wanting to learn a new language or improve an old one.
It can be hard work - there are times when you need to be able to study
and learn on your own away from the tutor's eye - but well worth the experience!
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Mrs Bannister, Windlesham, England
My daughter's French tutor is brilliant. She always arrives on time and she is cheerful and friendly. She is always encouraging my daughter, which is really important as Rebecca lacks confidence when speaking French. Rebecca feels that she has learnt a lot from her and she knows she has improved. The tutor will always stay on for a few minutes longer if she is half way through something. She is very flexible with the day and time of Rebecca's lesson which is an absolute godsend, as Rebecca has so many school activities at the weekend. I always thought if you had a tutor, they had to come at the same time on the same day. Thank you for being so accommodating!
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Mrs L., Datchet, England
I am so grateful to Time for Talking for finding me my tutor.
She is a delightful teacher and understands exactly what level I want in French conversation.
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Caitlin, Leicester, England
I was initially skeptical of the Skype tuition option, preferring the traditional tutor-in-a-room-with-books option, however when I found there were no tutors in the vicinity of my home for my chosen language (Norwegian), I decided to trial the Skype option. Having just completed a course of lessons over Skype, my mind has been completely changed - every lesson was exactly the same as it would have been with a tutor face-to-face, with the added bonus that all the resources were online*,
so going back over material was much easier, and there were no travel costs involved.
It really is an option I would recommend without hesitation to anyone and everyone!
TimeForTalking: *depending on the students' & course requirements our online tuition also includes using textbooks.
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Anonymous, Guildford, England
I have been extremely impressed by the quality service provided by Time For Talking.
I would not hesitate to recommend them.
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Susan, Farnborough, England
Thank you so much for the German lessons*. I truly enjoyed your instruction and love of the language.
I especially enjoyed your stories of the culture and customs.
*(Corporate German tuition)
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Beth, Farnham, England
Would just like to say thank you for all of your kind help with my German tutoring.
I couldn't have done my exams without your help, it has been very greatfully appreciated.

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Anonymous, Surrey, England
Having been enjoying my French online tuition immensely,
I would like to thank you and my tutor. I find your service and the teaching very efficient, and am looking forward to more French lessons online.

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Keith, Blackwater, England
I am very satisfied at the service in all respect - thank you for my German lessons.
This time next year I shall be writing to you in confident German as correspondence.
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Group Erler, Hampshire, England
Thank you for the German group lessons you provided us with.
You have a real 'presence' that shows an interest in the activities and our participations.
Praising our efforts in each lesson really won us over right from the start. Thanks again.
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Family Kruger, Woking, England
The service provided by Time For Talking was very professional, flexible and met all of our expectations. Our Latin tutor was excellent, very easy to talk to, always on time and a very good teacher. We were very happy and would not hesitate to recommend Time For Talking further.
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Anonymous, London, England

I really appreciated the convenience of having someone come to my home once the children were in bed. I got on very well with my French tutor. My French one-to-one tuition was very relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial. Thank you for providing this service.
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Anonymous, Puttenham, England
It was a real pleasure to meet my Austrian native tutor. I very much enjoyed my lessons
and don't feel as daunted about living in Austria. Thank you.
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Anonymous, London, England
My Spanish tutor has been a really wonderful teacher and very flexible.
The way Time For Talking provides its service is great. Thank you.
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Anonymous, Windlesham, England
I was pleased with how quickly I was assigned a qualified tutor and how flexible my tutor was on working with both my learning style and my schedule. I enjoyed the time during which I received my language training and had no problems whatsoever with any of the arrangements.
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Anonymous, London, England
My French tutor was pleasant, punctual and fluent in English and French.
The tutor had prepared for the lesson but was also happy to direct the lesson to my specific requirements. itself was also pleasant and attentive, including follow-up calls to ensure satisfaction. matched successfully a tutor with background knowledge of my career field, which was invaluable - both because of the specific vocabulary,
but also because conversation was easy and never forced.
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Brenda Turner, Camberley, England
I have been extremely pleased with both the tuition and the service of Time For Talking. I feel my French tutor always provided more tuition than she should. I could not have reached the level I had without my tutor's help. I would certainly use Time For Talking again, if I decide to restart my studies.
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Mrs Lee, Chertsey, England
I found the service and the tuition for my daughter's lessons with Time For Talking very good. Terms of payment were extraordinary. We only stopped the tuition, as we moved abroad now. I would definitely recommend Time For Talking further.
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Mr Gavin Morgan, London, England
Time For Talking suited my requirements exactly, vetted, high calibre teachers to fit in flexibly around my working hours. I always found the teachers very competent and even enjoyed the lessons, too!
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Stacey Maxwell, Woking, England
I started learning German as a total beginner and now, 18 months later, I feel confident enough to converse freely. German is very grammar-orientated which, at times, can be difficult to grasp, but thanks to the excellent tuition from 'Time for Talking', I have developed a good understanding of the written language. The tuition does not only focus on learning the language, but also covers cultural and historical aspects, which provides a greater appreciation of the country.
I thoroughly recommend 'Time for Talking' whether for German or any other language.
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Hannah Goffee, Hambledon, England
We covered a large range of topics that helped with all aspects of the course.
My grammar has really improved through various different exercises, covered in more depth than in a classroom situation.
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Rachael Julnes, Sunningdale, England
If you need any help with grammar or any aspects of A-level German. It has been so useful.
I would never have been able to get through this year without my help with my oral especially.
Thank you very much!!
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Claire Duffus, Camberley, England
I was helped with not only German but how to study in genera,l for example using word webs.
We worked out many possible answers to questions, not only one, to cover all aspects of the subject.
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Kyla Dibsdall, Normandy, Guildford, England
I contacted Time for Talking last year when I was having a few problems with my A level German. I found it very helpful and I really feel it has improved my German skills and will improve my grade in German. I feel much more confident now and after recently completing my oral exam, I really feel I have improved a lot since my tuition with Time for Talking.
The tutor was very friendly and encouraged me to work hard.
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C.F., England
I've had a really great experience with my Norwegian online course.
My teacher is a really wonderful tutor. Also I just wanted to say thanks very much for your help with setting up my course. I'm really grateful for all the work you've put in to make the process as easy as possible. Many thanks for all your help.

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Anonymous, London, England
I have really enjoyed my French lessons & the tutor was an excellent choice,
very tolerant of all my language weaknesses.
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Anonymous, Surrey, England
My language lessons have been delightful. Thank you.
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Anonymous, Hampshire, England
Responsible organization offering qualified tutors with a flexible curriculum.
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Miss F., England
The online lesson went brilliantly, thanks. Even though I'm pretty rusty, I felt like I was getting more comfortable even after the first hour so I'm extremely excited to continue the lessons. I found my tutor to be wonderful, she pitched everything perfectly for my level, and explained everything I wasn't sure about in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Thank you.
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Anonymous, London, England
I am very pleased with the service we received from TimeForTalking Language Services.
They gave us a courteous service and they were very good at finding the right tutor for my daughter's needs. Thank you.
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Anonymous, Surrey, England
Many thanks for providing such good language service.
My tuition has been very enjoyable and the teacher was excellent & enthusiastic.
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Anonymous, Surrey, England
Thanks so much for matching me with my Spanish tutor - I feel very comfortable with her.
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Anonymous, Guildford, England
The French tutor has been a wonderful teacher to my son, improving not only his school work, but also his self belief.
Many thanks for your support.
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Pamela, Bristol, England
I would like to thank you for my son's Japanese online tuition in preparation for his Japanase GCSE exam. Tuition was identical as if he had been sitting in the same room with his tutor. They both used textbooks and even that was no problem. When having to point something out in the book, the teacher just held it into the webcam's view. The Japanese tutor has a rather good teaching ability and my son really enjoyed the chance to being taught from his own room. And I have to admit, I very much enjoyed not having to drive him back and forth for his lessons, too. Excellent service and online tutoring provide. I like to recommend this service to any potential student. Try it, you will be thrilled how amazingly and conveniently online tuition actually works with this company (Timefortalking).
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