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sample relationship horoscope of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, love compatibility profile

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Michael Douglas - Zeta Jones' Horoscope


Sample Extract From Relationship Profile Text

Sample extract text from report on
Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas

The best way to get a feel for this report is by looking at some actual text. Here are some excerpts from a Friends & Lovers report created for Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Here are a couple of paragraphs from an introductory portion of the report addressing how the first person (Catherine Zeta Jones) approaches relationships in general. This is based upon the planets in his 7th house:

Report for Catherine Zeta Jones

Gemini glyph

Mercury glyph

How You Approach Relationships
Gemini on 7th Cusp
Your manner of relating to others is open and direct, and you somehow always manage to get right to the heart of things. No sidesteps. Everyone knows where you stand because your heart is always right there on your sleeve. On meeting you, one might expect that you would seek out another no-nonsense and serious type as a mate. Not so. You find relief from your own single-mindedness with someone who is, above all, fun and easy to talk to; talk and mental stimulation are things you really enjoy. The fact that they are a bit of a lightweight, always on the move, and even a bit frivolous, doesn't bother you one bit. You're delighted.

Mercury Ruler of 7th
Above all, you have a need for partners that are bright, witty, and that like to talk and communicate. You must have mental compatibility before you get serious about someone. Aside from talking, you like others who are interested in speaking and writing.

The favorable, "soft" aspects in the chart determine the next section of the report that describes the relationship strengths found in the first person's chart. Here are some of these aspects as they appear Catherine's:

Moon glyph





Mars glyph

Strengths in your relationships
(Catherine Zeta Jones)

Moon Trine Neptune (orb: 02 07')
You are enchanting, and can transport a group of people with your mesmerizing words, action, or music. Through you, others catch a glimpse of a world more unified than the one they find themselves in, and hear from you of the life they know exists beyond the mundane. Once under your spell, you could motivate them to do almost anything. You owe much to your upbringing, which tolerated and gave support to your dreamier side. You can be very compassionate, and understand the feminine side of life.

Mars Trine Saturn (orb: 05 13')
You are very skilled and exhibit great artistry in whatever you do. Your work is always well organized and efficiently produced. You are driven to accept more and more responsibility, which is not a burden to you. This is a sign of excellent managerial ability. You're in it for the long haul and are a good example of what real discipline looks like.

The "hard" aspects -- oppositions and squares and semi-squares -- determine the next portion of the report, titled Challenges in Your Relationships:

Sun glyph





Moon glyph

Challenges in Your Relationships

Sun Square Mars (orb: 00 22')
Others sense in you the presence of much energy, almost a tension. You may tend to have trouble just relaxing and find yourself always on the go, doing things. This aggressiveness could lead to undue competition and striving. You may have a sense that you can't always trust your drive and feelings. There also could be a tendency to buck authority, in particular, powerful men.

Moon Opposition Pluto (orb: 03 28')
You have always felt vulnerable when deep emotional issues are brought up, and may have a history of avoiding confrontation and self-examination. You are ever so sensitive to ideas of death, helplessness, and vulnerability in general. You see them only too well, and they haunt you. There may well be some childhood experiences that were rough or harsh for you to accept. Any partner will have to tread very gently when it comes to matters of feelings and security. You may tend to dominate a relationship, but without success.

Next is a section describing the general relationship with Person #2 (Michael Douglas). This is derived from the placement of Catherine's planets in the houses of her husband's chart.

Sun glyph






Mercury glyph

Your relationship with
Catherine Zeta Jones

Her Sun in Your Eleventh House
The two of you probably met as part of a group that shared some common interest. Catherine Zeta struck you as a peer, an equal who shared perhaps the same new-age way of seeing things that you do. You have both had the same vision, a common dream, and probably share a mutual resolve to see that those dreams happen. There is a sense of a brave new world about this friendship. The two of you standing on the edge of the future. She represents the way you feel relationships should be. There is a feeling of doing the right thing, what ought to be done, even at the expense of a little warmth.

Her Mercury in Your Eleventh House
You find that Catherine Zeta is a fair and open person, and your conversations with her tend to focus on humanitarian and global concerns. There is always a high tone to your talks, and you both bring the best out in each other. You may tend to agree on goals and social/political issues, or be part of some larger group's work. There is a mental and intellectual bond between you that could result in a partnership involving speaking or writing.


Please remember this is only an extract, a complete report is usually about 25 pages.

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